Kufr is an Arabic word meaning disbelief - specifically disbelief in the truth claims of Islam.

Kufr is the absence of Islamic belief.   To love kufr is to love the absence of Islamic belief.

Kufr can be any degree of doubt about the truth of Islam right up to complete rejection of its claims.

Islam at its core is an assertion. The assertion is that Muhammad's claim about himself is true. The whole edifice of Islam is built around that assertion. The shahada, the Muslim declaration of faith, is an affirmation of related assertions: One, that there is a God and, two, that Muhammad is his final messenger. "There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is His messenger".

Islam grew as a means of defending and extending the scope of that assertion. To be committed to that assertion is to be a Muslim and any doubt regarding its truth is a failure of belief; that is kufr. This failure of belief is treated as disloyalty and betrayal in Islam.

Kufr can therefore be used to refer to all that negates Islam in some way. All that lies outside Islam and which Islam is programmed to eradicate, all this is kufr or unbelief. All that can lead Muslims to abandon the core assertion of Islam is a form of kufr. Kufr is a useful little word for summing up everything that is not Islam or which runs against it.

All those things that are not Islam stand in opposition to Islam by virtue of Islam's opposition to them. To say "I love kufr" is to make a stand for all that Islam would like to destroy in order to defend its core assertion.

Devious Islamists and their brain-dead supporters on the Left like to portray those opposed to Islam as "haters" but we are really not haters but lovers: we love kufr; all those things which are not Islamic.

We can use the term kufr to refer to the plurality of beliefs, ideas, cultures, and activities which are not Islamic and which, by virtue of Islam's own opposition to all that is not Islamic, are threatened with annihilation by Islam. It is not enough that these things present no threat to Muslims in themselves because by their mere existence they present temptations for Muslims to abandon Islam and must therefore be removed.

Some of the many things we can put in the category of kufr are:
  • free inquiry
  • freedom of conscience
  • freedom of speech
  • figurative art in all its wonderful variety
  • music in all its wonderful variety
  • democracy
  • cultural pluralism
  • dancing and fun in all their wonderful variety
  • science
"I love kufr" is a way of saying "Islam's core assertion is false. I repudiate and reject it.". It is a way of affirming all things non-Islamic. It is a way of saying "I refuse to be intimidated by Islam's vile nonsense." It is a statement of defiance and rebellion.

Kufr is any failure to strictly uphold the beliefs of Islam and since the beliefs of Islam are so terrible it is a cause for celebration when Muslims are less Islamic to any degree. Better still is the loss of belief altogether.

Why should one love the absence of Islamic belief? Why love kufr?

Because where Islamic belief is absent:
  • there is no Sharia
  • there is room for innocent fun
  • there is more freedom
  • there is music and dancing
  • life can move on and evolve
  • there are no burkhas, chadors, niqabs, or hijabs
  • there is no jihad
  • life is better for everyone
And in that blessed moment of kufr when a Muslim loses his or her belief all Creation smiles.

When Islamic belief gives way to kufr beautiful things happen. This blog pays homage to the beauty of kufr.

One thing that I hope to do is to show how many great Muslim people have rejected Islam in total or in part and that this will demonstrate that there is nothing immovable or sacrosanct about Islamic belief; that Westerners who are afraid to criticize Islam for various reasons will take heart from the courageous examples of others; and also that it will take the fight to the enemy by celebrating the negation of Islam and repudiate its core assertion.

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Ibn al-Rawandi


Ibn al-Rawandi was a Persian skeptic, critic of Islam and religion in general who lived between 827 and 911 CE. He abandoned Islam for atheism and used his knowledge of Islam to refute the Koran. He rejected the authority of any scriptural or revealed religion. He described the Muslim traditions as "lies endorsed by conspiracies".

He points out that Muhammad's own statements regarding the corrupted nature of the Talmud and the Bible show that revealed scriptures are untrustworthy and that the same skepticism must necessarily be applied to the Koran. I recently came across an ex-Muslim blogger who put forward a very clever argument which can be summarized thus:

  1. Muhammad bases his claim to being a prophet on references that he ascribes to himself in the Talmud and the Bible
  2. Muhammad says the Talmud and the Bible are corrupted and untrustworthy books
  3. Muhammad's claim that the Talmud and the Bible endorse his prophetic status therefore falls apart because he declares his own sources to be corrupted

al-Rawandi ridicules certain Muslim traditions. For example, the tradition that angels rallied round to help Muhammad is not believable because if they were willing to help him at Badr why were they absent at Uhud when they were so badly needed?

In the Book of the Emerald he criticizes prayer, ritual purity and the ceremonies of the hajj; throwing stones, circumambulating a house that cannot respond to prayers, and running between stones that can neither help nor harm.

He maintained that religious dogmas are not acceptable to reason and must therefore be rejected; the miracles attributed to 'prophets', many of whom are charlatans, are pure invention; the greatest 'miracle' in the eyes of Muslims, the Koran, is neither a revealed book nor even an inimitable literary masterpiece.

Abu Isa al-Warraq

Abu Isa al-Warraq was a 9th-century Arab skeptic (born circa 815 CE) and an early critic of Islam and of religion in general. He was a mentor and friend to Ibn al-Rawandi and appears in his book "The Book of the Emerald" which is a bold attack on prophets and prophecy, Muhammad in particular, and the validity of the Koran.

al-Warraq was obviously a man of unwavering rationality and courage. He argued that God was unlikely to exist because, "He who orders his slave to do things that he knows him to be incapable of doing, then punishes him, is a fool."

Echoing European Enlightenment thinkers of the 18th century he also argued that we do not require revelations from God to work out that forgiveness is good; we should not heed the claims of self-appointed prophets if what is claimed runs contrary to good sense and reason. Contemporary skeptics such as Sam Harris argue in very similar terms today.

He admired the intellect not for its ability to submit to God but for its ability to understand the world and the universe and its irrepressible inquisitiveness.

He also doubted that Muhammad was a prophet.

Uzay Bulut

Uzay Bulut was born a Muslim and is a very brave Turkish journalist based in Ankara who is not afraid to speak her mind. She has written many great articles which can be found at Gatestone Institute but one of my favourites is this:

The West's Dangerous Enchantment with Islam

Ibrahim Issa - challenging Islam to a higher moral standard

Ibrahim Issa is an Egyptian TV host. In a remarkable discourse on Egyptian TV he challenged the Islamic authorities to admit that the despicable crimes committed by ISIS are all consistent with the prophetic record of Muhammad and not in anyway departures from it.

In essence, he not only challenges them to admit these facts (which they can hardly be ignorant of), he also challenges them (and by implication Islam itself) to measure up to a higher moral standard than is demonstrated in the Islamic scriptures, laws, and traditions.

Ibrahim Issa on Egyptian TV

Serkan Engin - The bravest man in Turkey?

Serkan Engin, a poet, a socialist, and a Laz,  sent for publication to Jihad Watch the following, which deserves to be widely reprinted:

Why Islam is Worse Than Nazism

by Serkan Engin

I am an atheist author and poet, who had lived as a Sunni Muslim for 23 years from birth, and I am still living in a Muslim country, Turkey. Also, my parents and all of my relatives are still Muslim. So, my critics about Islam can be easily consider this an inside view.

I know that the title of this essay seems assertive, but I will explain the rightness of this title step-by-step in this essay.

First of all, you have to learn about Islam that if you are an “outsider”, a non-Muslim, for example, a Christian, an atheist, a Buddhist, a Jew or whatever else, all Muslims have the “right” of killing and raping you, grabbing all your properties, your country, land, money and anything else. They take this “right” from the book of their belief, the Quran. In other words, they take this “right” from their belief’s core, the theology of Islam.

Here are some examples of this in verses from Quran.

This verse of Quran is about “all non-Muslims”, all “heretics”! — Christians, Buddhists, atheists, Jews, etc. — describing them “who wage war against Allah and His Messenger (Muhammad)”

Surat Al-Ma’idah (5.33) http://quran.com/5/33

“Indeed, the penalty for those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger and strive upon earth [to cause] corruption is none but that they be killed or crucified or that their hands and feet be cut off from opposite sides or that they be exiled from the land. That is for them a disgrace in this world; and for them in the Hereafter is a great punishment.”

And this verse of the Quran is about the order to killing the humans who left Islam, the apostates:

Surat An-Nisa’ (4.89) http://quran.com/4/89

“They wish you would disbelieve as they disbelieved so you would be alike. So do not take from among them allies until they emigrate for the cause of Allah. But if they turn away, then seize them and kill them wherever you find them and take not from among them any ally or helper.”

Look at the current situation in Syria. How can Islamist terrorists slaughter Alawite people or rape Christian women so easily? Because they take this “right” from their belief and they believe that they will go to the heaven because of these vandalistic actions against “outsiders”, who are out of Islam, who don’t believe the same religious tenets — in other words, those who are the “heretics” according to their belief. Some Muslims say, “But they are not the real Muslims.” That is a big lie; that is the exact form of real Islam, because these vandalistic actions are in accord with the orders of Quran.

You have heard many times that “Islam is a tolerant religion”. That is the biggest lie that you can hear all over the World, and this lie is used as a mask to hide the terrible face of Islam. There is NO difference between Islam and Islamism. This is the main error that the modern world make about Islam. There are not different forms as Islam and Islamism, they are the same thing, and they have the same content. This separation is just only an illusion, and it is used by Muslims to hide the brutal, hateful, oppressive,murderous, genocidal face of Islam.

Islamic theology is based on the verses of the Quran and Hadith. Hadiths are the words and actions of the Islamic prophet Muhammad, and all Muslims must follow these words and actions in addition to the orders of Quran. For example, you have to defecate as Muhammad did, and you have to clean yourself as he did, or you can rape and enslave a “heretic” woman in a war as a sex slave as Muhammad did, or you can torture your enemy in a war to learn the place of his hidden money, as Muhammad did.

You “must” cut the hand of a thief as Muhammad did, not give him any prison sentence as do the modern laws.

You must stone a woman to death as Muhammad did, because she had sex outside of the rules of Islam (but you must only whip her partner a hundred times). If you are a Muslim, you can never set them free while considering that their sexual actions are about their own personal relations and freedom, in accord with modern laws. You must definitely apply the punishments of Muhammad such as stoning the woman to the death and whipping her partner a hundred times if you want to be a good Muslim.

You must kill the man who left the belief of Islam, as Muhammad did. You can’t say “This is his own choice and he has the freedom of thought and belief”, because it is an order of the Quran that you “must” kill the persons who were Muslim before and then left the Islamic religion.
You must kill all homosexuals according to the orders of Islam. No Muslims can say according to Islam that their sexual orientation is their own natural right, in accord with the human rights norms of our age.

You have the “right” to marry a little girl at 9 years old, as Muhammad did. In other words, you can rape a little child legally in Islam and make her a sex slave, and also a domestic slave till the end of her life.

You can lie alongside of your dead wife for 6 hours, as Muhammad did. In other words, you can rape the dead body of your wife for 6 hours after her death.

Here is Islam…Here is the “tolerant religion”…Here is the right way to the heaven…Here are the orders of Allah…Here are the actions of Muhammad…

You can easily see how civilized the Muslim countries of the world are because of Islam, such as Afghanistan, Nigeria, Turkey, Iran, Sudan and the others. You can see how much they have contributed to the history of philosophy, the history of art, and the history of science of the whole world. You can see how respectful they are to human rights, women’s rights, children’s rights, the freedom of expression and thought, the freedom of the press, the freedom of belief, etc.

The first genocide wave of 20th century, the Armenian Genocide, the Assyrian Genocide and the Pontic Greek Genocide, was perpetrated by Turkish and Kurdish people of the Ottoman Empire and the new Turkish Republic, getting motivation from the “rights” that they had because of Islam: the “rights” of killing and raping the non-Muslims, enslaving their women and little girls as sex slaves and also domestic slaves, and grabbing their money, houses and lands. However, “The Committee of Union and Progress” (CUP) (Turkish: ─░ttihat ve Terakki Cemiyeti) was based on Turkish nationalism; they used Turkish and Kurdish people easily for these genocides because of the Islamic religion’s content about non-Muslims. All the Turkish and Kurdish Muslims believed that they would go to the heaven if they killed more non-Muslims, as do today’s Islamist terrorists.

The owners of the second genocide wave of 20th century were Nazis, as you know. They took the genocides of the Turks as a sample. It is know that Adolf Hitler said to his military commanders, “Who, after all, speaks today of the annihilation of the Armenians?,” while they were talking about the reaction of the world about the genocides that they were planning to perpetrate.

Nazism was considered a legal and respectable ideology at the beginning of the 1930s, and then the world saw how dangerous Nazism was. Millions of people died because of Nazism, and today it is illegal to support Nazism in any civilized country. You can never make propaganda about Nazism legally. Today, Nazism is not considered as a genuine thought alternative, and it is not included in the freedom of thought and expression.

As I have detailed above, Islam is against the human rights norms of our age, and it has more dangerous content than Nazism. Islam is not a belief alternative, it is just a crime against humanity, and any crime shouldn’t have freedom in our modern world. So, Islam must be declared illegal all over the world, as is Nazism, because of its vandal content and commands that are against human rights. All actions about Islam must be forbidden and the propagandists of Islam must be judged because of instigating to the crimes of murder, rape, grab and crimes against humanity. Otherwise, the world will meet with a big tragedy when the Islamists will get more power, as the world suffered because of Nazism.

A socialist Laz poet from Turkey, Serkan Engin was born in 1975 in Izmit, Turkey. His poems have been published in English in The Tower Journal, Poetry’z Own, Belleville Park Pages, Far Enough East, Spilt Infinitive Lit Magazine, Empty Mirror, The Writer’s Drawer, Poetry Super Highway, Miracle E-zine, Industry Night Lit Magazine, Open Road Review, Shot Glass Journal, The Criterion and Mediterranean Poetry. Some of his poems appeared in Japanese in the leading Japanese philosophy and poetry journal Shi to Shisou.

Turan Dursun

Turan Dursun (1934 – 4 September 1990)

Just look at those beautiful warm eyes, so full of humanity and intelligence! Turan Dursun was a Shia Islamic scholar and writer. His work is very critical of Islam and the founders of its major branches.

He worked as an Islamic cleric before becoming an atheist during his study of the history of monotheistic religions. He was a well-known critic of religion and was frequently threatened by Islamic fundamentalists.

Whilst preparing for a meeting with the Pope, Dursun studied Christianity in more depth and was immediately struck by the deceitfulness of Islam when he compared his vast knowledge of Islam with the Christian sources.

After drawing negative conclusions about religion, he became angry that Muhammad robbed people of their childhood and youth. He said:
So many people can't live their childhood properly because of him. So many people are sufferers of his disasters. So many people know what's right as wrong and what's wrong as right because they think the darkness that he chose exists. Human emotions and human creations haven't progressed in many ways, because of him.
For 2 or 3 years Dursun was a theist and during this time reached the conclusion that: If there is a God, he's not Muhammad's.

After this he became an atheist and accepted the findings of evolution. He was a keen student of anthropology.

After his resignation as a mufti, Dursun struggled to earn a living in Istanbul and even became a binman. His decision to quit as a mufti was a tough one, but Dursun stated that his principle was always "never to have a contradiction between what I thought and what I did."

He wrote many books during the 1980s collating his vast knowledge of Islam and languages of the Middle East. He opened the religion to internal criticism through the mass media, perhaps for the first time in the religion's history.

On 4 September 1990 Dursun was assassinated by two gunmen in Istanbul. It was later discovered that many items were missing from his bookshelves. On his bed was found a book entitled, "the Holy Terror of Hizbullah" which did not belong to Dursun and was probably left as a message by the terrorists.

As a result of the investigation, 15 suspects were arrested but they were immediately released after their first appearance in court.

Adapted from wikipedia.